Cottage Renovation By
David Cronin Construction
Highly Recommended,
No One is better in Brevard, Transylvania County, North Carolina
Have a look at how David Cronin transformed an old house into a modern, beautiful home:
Kitchen, Before / After

Dining Room, Before / After

Living Room, Before / After

Master Bathroom Room, Before / After

Guest Bathroom Room, Before / After

I had a Problem:
How to renovate a house when I live 600 miles away and work full-time?
The answer was that I needed a contractor in Brevard, North Carolina who is and...would execute in a timely manner.

David Cronin Construction was the answer.

I quickly learned that David believes in quality workmanship, doing the job properly, and I realized that he could turn the house from what it is, old and tired, into an incredible asset which will last into the next fifty to one hundred years.
David recommended properly fixing termite damage, replacing deficient or missing insulation and repairing the floor joists under the house before starting on the inside short, bring the home's structure back to new condition rather than working over, covering up these shortfalls.
I realized that I was receiving great advice, and was in capable hands.
With David in charge, my involvement was limited to about an hour a month on what was a six month project.

Working Example - Bathrooms


David examined the bathrooms from top to bottom. He found that the bathroom floors had settled due to prior renovation's having cut floor joists for plumbing purposes, but having done nothing to support the cut joists. That combined with leaking plumbing gave us a poor base to work with.
Bathroom Structure Damage / Termite Damage
David recommended that we demolish the existing bathrooms, fix the floor structure, and that doing so could be faster than leaving it in place. This was great advice and I knew he would execute!


David gave me four different designs to choose from for remodeling the bathrooms. He showed these to me in 3D, and from many different angles. I was impressed.
I chose the design shown above. David created all the plans for the kitchen and bathrooms himself. He also created engineering diagrams that were approved by an engineer for the roof trusses.


Being ten hours away by car, David provided me with a steady stream of progress updates including the photos you see here. I could rest easy that my investment was solid, and that my funds were in good hands.
Sub floor joists and plumbing renewed:
Building up the bathrooms on the repaired sub-floor.
David called in the various trades as needed, and handled the permitting. He and his team though did most of the work themselves.
Master Bathroom moving along...

Final Result

Dressed up for use:


To make this view possible to open up this space, a load bearing wall was removed with David having worked with an engineer to re-engineer the roof trusses.

Living Room



I had a deadline to meet, and David kept to his promise to complete the task on time. I added many many unplanned changes on the fly, and David excelled at working with me to make it happen, and he certainly executed! Our first guest arrived to a magnificent, solid and well built house, and praised David's work in their review of the property.

I can say that you will not regret having David Cronin Construction solve your construction need. I highly recommend David for your task. Call me if you have any questions.

Jonathan Galpin

David can be contacted at: 828 384-1851